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Ohio Statehouse
Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Statehouse, a stunning structure that houses the Ohio General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the best examples of Greek Revival architecture in the country.  Our work over the years has included the installation of the bronze State of Ohio seal as well as various miscellaneous repairs on the building.

Our most recent project involved restoration work to the rotunda, including the box gutter at the perimeter and structural stabilization of the masonry.  This rotunda, which was originally completed in 1861 at the direction of renowned architect, Isaiah Rogers (who shortly afterwards became Supervising Architect of the United States), provides the statehouse with one of its most distinctive features- a low conical roof over the rotunda, rather than a dome, in keeping with the Greek style.  Photo by Chris Kassen





Installation of the bronze Great Seal of the State of Ohio in the front walkway of the Capitol.
Built-in gutter system on the rotunda being leveled and sealed with an advanced Belzona coating.
Ongoing work on the rotunda.
Roof repairs to the main roof.
Structural stabilization of masonry wall inside rotunda.  Part of the wall was rebuilt all the way around the rotunda, and interior supports for the gutter were fabricated and welded.


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