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"There's a great effort today to spread the message that historic preservation is in everybody's interest. Everyone in this nation has contributed to its history and traditions. That heritage needs to be protected so that future generations can appreciate it." - Frederick C. Williamson Sr.,  Rhode Island Historic Preservation

Durable Restoration is a national building restoration company with offices in Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, and Florida. Durable Restoration’s sister company, Durable Slate specializes in slate, tile and metal roofing. Both are subsidiaries of The Durable Group. Until recently, all work was done under the Durable Slate name.

Architects, Engineers and Other Professionals
Church Officials
Non-Profit Organizations

Architects, Engineers and Other Professionals

Over the past five years, I have worked with numerous contractors and vendors.  I can probably name three contractors that have consistently met or exceeded my expectations for a job.  The Durable Restoration Company is one of those contractors.

The Durable Restoration Company has provided a quality product to the A.I. Root Company, and has consistently installed their products in a professional manner.  In today’s business world it pays to find reliable suppliers of goods and services and The Durable Restoration Company has become the A.I. Root Company’s preferred vendor for all slate and masonry jobs.

I have in the past, and will continue to recommend The Durable Restoration Company to all of my business and personal contacts.  Thank-you again for your attention to detail, and the professional manner in which your crews handle themselves.


Robert A. Root
Special Project Coordinator
The A.I. Root Company
Medina, Ohio

I went by yesterday and looked at your recently completed repairs to 90 Church Street along with the occupant of the house, Mrs. Eliza Cleveland.  This is to tell you how excellent your work is, and how pleased we are that you were so careful in matching repair slate with those original on the building. 

I hope you were able to easily find other work in Charleston as your work is of such very good quality.  Thank you also for your consultations with us on slate restoration in general.


Jonathan H. Poston
Director of Programs
Historic Charleston Foundation
The Frances R. Edmunds Center for Historic Preservation
Charleston, South Carolina

I am writing to commend the work of The Durable Restoration Company.  Over the past two years, each person that I have dealt with has been competent and professional in meeting our needs at The Columbus Foundation.

The Columbus Foundation is the former Ohio governor’s home.  The mansion is listed on the National Historic Register.  For all our repairs, we take that fact into consideration.

The Durable Restoration Company has been of great value to us in meeting our specific and special needs.  Some of the major projects have been to replace both custom-fit windows and roof slates and to rebuild copper box gutters.  We plan to continue using The Durable Restoration Company.  I highly recommend the company to anyone.


Rebecca L. Spohn
Support Services Manager
The Columbus Foundation
Columbus, Ohio

I want to express my appreciation and thanks for the work and excellent job that your company did with our renovation design for the City of Columbus, Recreation and Parks Department.  Please tell Shawn Beckwith that I enjoyed working with him and thanks for his patience with juggling his crews to accommodate the general contractor’s schedule as well as the Recreation and Parks Departments.

James J. Testaguzza, R.R.O , C.D.T., Manager, Roof Engineering Services
CTL Engineering, Inc.

I realize this letter is a long time coming, but I want to write this even so long after the fact, to thank you for your hard work at the site manager’s house at Fort Ancient State Memorial.  To refresh your memory, Durable Restoration removed the outside cedar shingles from the walls of the 1936 house, and re-shingled with over 4,500 shingles.  You also replaced I believe over 20 windows and re-roofed the house.

As an archaeologist and preservationist I feel the quality of the work was outstanding.  If there was ever a challenge, the two contractors that were there worked with us until it met our satisfaction.  On more than a couple of occasions you even took time from your schedule for a site visit to make sure things were done the way it was supposed to be.  If it was not done the way you wanted, you did it yourself (example, the brick pillars at the main gate).  Everyone was very careful to follow the specs designed for the house and if there was the slightest question, they contacted someone who had the answers.  On occasion when the work looked good enough from my perspective, Stan said, “no that is not good enough,” and did it again.  The clean-up afterwards was wonderful as well.  Whether it was the cedar siding, re-roofing, or the windows, they cleaned the debris at the end of every day, even down to the sawdust on the floor when putting in the windows. When I would offer to help, they would simply say, “Naw, that’s okay, we got it.”  But if I stayed around long enough we would strike up a conversation and eventually I would be holding a board for them to cut.

The two contractors, Stan Lyons and Harold Wogan are wonderful people to work with.  Now that I know them, there is no way I would want anyone else to do the work but them.  However, I am sure all your employees have the same standards as these two men.  They are very considerate of the personal property they work around and they are genuinely honest men.  They would inform us of their progress and let us know well in advance where they would be working next so we could prepare the work area by removing the furniture and personal affects.  With all the work they did, they did have to spend a great deal of time at the house.  My daughters started to refer to them as “Uncle” Stan and “Uncle” Harold.  They actually started to become part of the family.  We had them over for a Thanksgiving lunch a couple days before Thanksgiving.  When my children were home they even looked after their welfare, letting me know when they saw something that may concern us.  While we were happy when the project was over, we were also sad to see leave because they are nice to be around.  We had the opportunity to watch these men literally tear apart our house and put it back together again with the care and skill of true craftsmen.  I would not hesitate for a minute to call Durable Restoration back in the future. 

I am happy to hear you are venturing out to do more work on historic houses.  I think that this could be a niche that you will be very productive in.  If there is ever anything I can do as far as a recommendation or have prospective clients take a look at the house, just give me a call.

Again, thank you so much not only for the work done on the house, but the opportunity to get to know you.  I wish you the best on your endeavors in the future.

Jack Blosser
Ohio Historical Society

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your company for the outstanding work performed at the Northstar Café.  As an architect – the minute you draw something out of the ordinary you are putting yourself at risk.  In this case – the idea of using roofing slates as an interior finish was one our client was quick to agree to.  That accomplished – the challenge became making sure that their faith in this idea would be born out by the final product.

The day Yves took me aside to point out the spot (visible only on the back side) where the slate is level but the drywall just adjacent to it wanders about 1/4” over an eight foot run – I knew we were in good hands.

The work he and his assistant did is outstanding – exceeding any of our expectations.  Clearly their skills (and effort) were a perfect match for the challenge.  I hope Durable Restoration is as proud of the final result as everyone else associated with the project is.

Andrew Rosenthal, Principal
GR  AD architects

I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I was with the performance of your company. When I originally contacted you after seeing your advertisement in Traditional Building, I could tell you were more than qualified to do the job. At first I was somewhat anxious to have an out of state company perform the repairs on my slate roof. However, your price was very competitive with local roofers, and in dealing with you throughout the estimating process, you were able to respond to all my questions and concerns. It quickly became obvious there was no need to worry.

With the size and quality of crew you brought to do the work, you were able to complete the job in a fraction of the time another roofer might have taken. These men were extremely knowledgeable about their craft, and took true pride in the work they were doing. They really went out of their way, and seemed to care as much about my property as I do.
Finally, I want to thank you for following up and making sure everything was done to my satisfaction. Despite your being several states away, you responded quickly to any of my concerns. The whole project went very smoothly, and the roof looks beautiful.

David Nathans, President
Cornerstone Restorations
Wilmington, North Carolina

May I take this opportunity to tell you, for Georgia too – who after all, is the building’s owner – that we appreciate and respect most highly your firm’s work on 40 Monument Square.  The rehabilitation of the structure in the town center has evoked favorable comments from Urbana citizens and officials, and you are to be commended for the result.

Karl E. Paulig
Paulig, Singer & Talebi, Attorneys at Law

Church Officials

This letter is to let you know how pleased we are with the quality of work, and your attention to our schedules at St. John Church and rectory on S. Ohio Avenue.

I have also heard good reports from St. Francis Church, Sacred Heart Church, and Blessed Sacrament Church, Newark, Ohio.

It is very important to us to maintain our buildings, and to be aware also of their historical value to the community.

Durable Restoration has been successful in helping us with hard to match slate, and good flashing work at these locations.

Robert A. Deibel
Diocese of Columbus
Columbus, Ohio


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Durable Restoration for the outstanding job you did replacing the church’s 100 year old cupola recently.  This was the culmination of a project which began with my call to your company over two years ago.

Beginning with that first call, I was impressed each step of the way with the level of professionalism displayed by every member of your staff, including the crew working on the project.  I was informed of progress on a weekly basis and pleasantly surprised by how accurate your projected timeline was.  The roof over our sanctuary has now been restored to its original beauty, with a replicated cupola now in place and repairs to the skylights and stained glass completed.

Thank you, again, for the excellent work.  As our buildings continue to age, I’m sure we’ll be in touch with you again.  I would not hesitate to recommend Durable Restoration to anyone in need of historic restoration or repairs.

Pat Betts, Business Administrator
First United Methodist Church
Lancaster, Ohio

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and satisfaction with the work The Durable Restoration Company has completed on St. Raphael's roof.

Your crew did an outstanding job from start to finish, providing quality workmanship and leaving the grounds immaculate upon completion of their work.

The long hours of hard work put in by your men have not gone unnoticed; we have received many compliments from visitors and neighbors regarding the beautiful appearance of the roof.
It certainly has been a pleasure working with you.

May God bless you.
St. Raphael's Home for the Aged
Marble Cliff, Ohio

I have never written a letter like this before. I expect people who are doing something to do their best at it, and if I am paying them, I definitely expect good work. The satisfaction of a job well done and a sincere word of thanks usually seem to be adequate. However, I have raved to so many of our members and officers about the way your associates work (they certainly are more than employees), that I am compelled to put it in writing.

Your management is to be congratulated for having been able to find and put together such diligent and compatible crews. But more than that the associates are workers with a commitment to quality -- both watching the progress and conversations have confirmed this. I have been fascinated with our conversations, I made a point of talking to everyone on the job. To a man, everyone was courteous and personable.

What you've done seems to have been done exceptionally well, but more importantly perhaps is the spirit in which it was done, and for that we truly thank you, and every member of the crews that took part in this project.

First Presbyterian Church
Pataskala, Ohio

We greatly appreciate the way your personnel conduct themselves here at the church. They are always courteous and they always leave a clean work site. Church services and activities go on as usual, and the members are hardly aware that work is going on, because there is no mess or clutter.

Central Christian Church
Lexington, Kentucky

I want to write and thank you for the excellent service we received from your company. I have rarely been so pleased in dealing with a contractor. You were always prompt, efficient and courteous.

I want to especially commend the two workmen, Rick and Mark, that you sent out to do the job. I was impressed by their attitudes, their pleasant demeanor, their courteousness, and their professionalism. From my perspective they went beyond the normal call of duty (or in this case the minimal obligations of the contract) to serve the customer, namely our church.
Obviously we are very grateful. Again, thanks for the good work.

Winton Community Free Methodist Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

Our Board of Trustees would like to thank you for a fine job at our church.

We appreciated the fact that your men were professional gentlemen who were courteous to our staff and kept their areas clean of debris.

John was an exceptional foreman and laborer at the same time.  He was able to set our minds at ease whenever we mentioned areas of concern.  We appreciated his patience, guidance, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship.

Our board, our congregation and even our community are all pleased with the finished product.

Thank you and God bless,

Richard Moorefield
Chair of Trustees
Normandy United Methodist Church
Dayton, Ohio

I want to write and thank you for the excellent service we received from your company.  I have rarely been so pleased in dealing with a contractor.  You were always prompt, efficient and courteous.

I want to especially commend the two workmen, Rick and Mark, that you sent out to do the job.  I was impressed by their attitudes, their pleasant demeanor, their courteousness, and their professionalism.  From my perspective they went beyond the normal call of duty (or in this case the minimal obligations of the contract)  to serve the customer, namely our church. 

Obviously, we are very grateful.  Again, thanks for the good work.

May God bless you all.


Bob Trimble
Associate Pastor
Winton Community Free Methodist Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your company for the fine workmanship that has been done here at St. Benignus Parish and the roof repair work on our church building.  Throughout the entire process of this project, you and your staff have exhibited the highest of standards and work ethics.  I and members of our parish are very pleased.

As you know, this repair project has become a more major project than we expected when I first contacted your company.  What our parish thought would be a simple repair job proved to be much more extensive.  I do appreciate the attentiveness that your company offered in explaining the “whats and whys” for the additional work that needed to be done.  Your willingness to send Matt Wolf to our Parish Council Meeting and his presentation was most helpful in informing everyone who was involved in the decision process here at the parish.

I would like to make special mention of the project on site manager, Herman (and please forgive me for not knowing his last name) and the other two gentlemen who worked with him.  Each day they worked steady and hard, and I might add, they worked during some excessively hot and humid days.  Please share these sentiments of appreciation with them for me.

I would also like to say “thanks” for your company’s willingness to all us to make payments over a period of time.  Obviously, with the additional work that was required, the expense was much more than our parish anticipated.  Your willingness to work with us in this realm is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for a job well done!  God bless!

Sincerely, in Christ,

Reverend Ronald C. Cooper
Saint Benignus Church
Greenfield, Ohio

This is just a quick note to thank your company for the excellent job they did on our roof.  You were all wonderful people to work with and, and each of the employees on the work site were cooperative, polite and very sensitive to our needs at the church.  I especially want to express my appreciation to Chuck Rogers, the foreman on the project.  He made himself easily available and was certain to either answer our questions as they arose…or if he couldn’t, he quickly found those who could.  He was an outstanding individual with whom to work.  Please let our satisfaction on a job well done be communicated to the proper individuals.

Thank you for the job you did, and may God bless you all now and always.


David H. Rockwood
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Fairmont, West Virginia

Asbury United Methodist Church is an historic building built at a time when churches quality craftsmanship and ascetic material were readily available and affordable.  The slate roof is a dominant architectural feature of this structure.

When it came time to replace the roof after 109 years, the Trustees were persuaded that the architectural integrity of the building needed to be maintained.  This required a company that was proficient in working with slate and copper.

After much investigation we entrusted this work to The Durable Slate Company.  Their professionalism and craftsmanship justified our selection in every way.  The pride they reflected in their work was evident in the proficient and skilled way they went about this task.  Moreover, the staff was well supervised and displayed a high level of courtesy and respect, worthy of a place of worship.

We have received many compliments from both our congregation and members of the Delaware community concerning the renovation.  We are delighted with the end result and would heartily recommend The Durable Slate Company to others contemplating similar renovations.


Mr. James Bartha
Lay Leader

Rev. Alan Kimber

Asbury United Methodist Church
Delaware, Ohio

Non-Profit Organizations

Durable Restoration was a key partner engaged with us in restoring one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important contributions in Prairie style architecture. The team assigned to our Westcott House project were exceptionally knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Rob Kearns,
Chairman of The Westcott House Foundation

In the spring of 1999 The Durable Restoration Company successfully completed work for the Ohio Village Wood Shingle Roofs and Timber Construction project within the Ohio Village, a historical village operated by the Ohio Historical Society. Their employees were easy to work with, accommodating both a complex schedule and an extremely constricted building site. The work was completed in a professional manner within budget and estimated time.

Additionally, office and management personnel were pleasant to work with and their concern over the details of the project aided in determining numerous aesthetic considerations within the contract drawings that were corrected with a minimal adjustment to the work. Office personnel have been consistent with follow up on the project as well, staying in contact to ensure that the work completed was satisfactory. The Ohio Historical Society has had extensive experience working with The Durable Restoration Company and I would recommend the company to others seeking a professional contractor.

Neal Hitch, Project Manager
The Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work which The Durable Restoration Company is doing on the Porcher House Historic Restoration Project.  Your team of professional craftsmen have done a tremendous job in spite of the challenging conditions presented by the interior of the building.

I have also appreciated the valuable engineering suggestions you have made which saved us money on  this project.  The fact that you made it possible to bring the project in on budget made it possible to accomplish the restoration of this treasured historic site.

We are very happy with your progress thus far and look forward to the successful completion of the project.

I have such confidence in the quality of  Durable Restoration’s work that I would happily recommend your firm for any restoration work in the future.

Gary Palmer, Facilities Manager
City of Cocoa, Florida


The Durable Restoration Company is a renovation company  that possesses the knowledge and skill to renovate 19th century architecture.  Their efforts were very much appreciated in downtown Urbana.  From the professionalism of their crew observing and extending safety and courtesy to the general public, to their level of skill and craftsmanship to perform proper restoration practices to breath new life into the structural integrity and beauty of the 19th century edifice, The Durable Restoration Company is truly an ambassador to the professionalism of 19th century restoration.

Joseph N. Smith, Assistant Director of Administration
City of Urbana, Ohio

Since December of 1996, Durable Restoration has been working in Lancaster, restoring and adapting the 1834 Reese Peters House and its 1916 garage to function as The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, opening September 23, 2000.  This property is owned by Fairfield County and managed by the board of The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio.

Durable Restoration has been reliable, responsible, cooperative and highly competent in the work they have done and are doing for us.  We were pleased enough with Phase I, the Reese Peters House, of this project to contract with Durable Restoration for the completion of Phase II, The Art Garage.

We would recommend them highly for work on historic properties.

Lisa Kessler,
Fairfield County Commissioner

Jo Voss, President
Decorative Arts Center of Ohio

This letter is to express my appreciation and gratitude for the services your firm has provided to the City of Columbus. 
The Durable Restoration Co. has always been able to provide extremely competent services to the city and its tenants during various projects.  The efficient manner in which you expedite and  administer projects is greatly appreciated. 

Professionalism and outstanding services  have always been top priorities in your contact with me.  I hope to work with you again in the future.

Ronald J. Ranney, Project Manager, Facilities Management Division
City of Columbus, Public Service Department

This letter is being written to thank you for all of your efforts concerning the Lorain Lighthouse Roof Project.  It was a pleasure to work with your entire company from the onset of negotiations in September, 2000 to the conclusion of the project in September, 2001.

This project was an extremely difficult endeavor due to the location of the Lorain Lighthouse being one mile off shore, only accessible by boat and dealing with the removal of potentially hazardous material while being surrounded by water.  Your staff and on-site employees handled the difficult circumstances in a professional manner.  The on-site employees were very conscientious when dealing with the environmental issues that were presented to them.  Your company went over and above the basic parameters of roof installation. 

The delay in writing this letter is due to the fact that we were waiting for adverse weather conditions to evaluate how the roof would withstand the severe weather conditions that prevail upon the Lighthouse.  As of this date, the roof has withstood extreme wind conditions in excess of 80 miles per hour, rain, snow, sleet and ice.  Not a single slate has moved, shifted, cracked, or blown away.

Once again, thank you for all of your efforts regarding the Roof Project for the Lorain Lighthouse.  Your efforts were extremely appreciated.

Mickey Van Wagnen, Chairman
Lorain Lighthouse Restoration Committee
Port of Lorain Foundation, Inc.


It was exciting to see the transformation.  I never could have imagined how great the custom slate pattern would look.  The finial that Durable Restoration (Bill) designed is the perfect finishing touch.  The turret looks like it was always a part of the house...
... I am absolutely thrilled with the results.  Every time I look at the house I smile.

Sandy Keller
Upper Arlington, Ohio

We want to thank you for the excellent job Durable Restoration provided in replacing our slate roof and construction/installation of a new dormer and window on the second floor.  Both exceeded our expectations and are of much higher quality than the original roof and windows from over 100 years ago.  We would like to continue work with Durable Restoration next year and in the coming years on our house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and at another residence in the Beacon Hill area of Boston (Historic District Zoning).

Steve Clarke
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

It is not often that I have the opportunity to write a letter to a person or company to compliment them on the quality of their work and service.

In the two and one-half years it has taken to reconstruct my house, your company has been without question by far the best organization I have dealt with. Not only did you do what you said you were going to do, but you also did it when you said it was going to be done. It is very rare, but very nice, to have such an experience which is unfortunately diametrically opposed to what seems to be the standard practice in the building business these days.

Thank you for employing neat, courteous, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and conscientious workers and thank you for following through on the entire job. You all have been a pleasure to deal with and my slate roof looks perfect.
Should the need arise, please feel free to give my name as a reference.

Lawrence F. Smith
Detroit, Michigan

I would like to thank you personally for the wonderful job your company did in replacing my roof. My wife and I are the fifth generation to live in my family's home which was built by my great-great grandfather in 1890. I took great care and research in finding a roofing company that would do the same excellent workmanship that was originally done over 100 years ago - and I can proudly say that I was not disappointed in the least!

Drew Phillips
Medina, Ohio


Just a quick note to let you and your crew know that Durable Restoration, once again, has come through 100%. We have always used Durable Restoration since we first bought our house 6 years ago. I believe this is the third time we have had you folks come and do roof repairs for us.

Durable Restoration has done a superior quality job on my copper lined box gutters!! We are very pleased. Those box gutters were so meticulously crafted that we were so impressed that I had to write a letter to let you know that it was an A+ job. Steve White and the assisting gentlemen were very considerate in answering all of my questions (and trust me, I had a million of them) and concerns that we had about the job. Steve and Ed were very clear on verbally telling us what exactly they were going to do and what the job entailed. I appreciate that so much.

Thank you so much and I think you're really wonderful. You truly do quality work, I couldn't be more satisfied with the job.

Nanette Hayakawa
Columbus, Ohio

Durable Restoration has just finished a new roof for my old house, and it is a perfect roof, beautiful in color and style, and it renders the value of my house so much greater than it would have been otherwise. When we called the company and they suggested a "purple" slate, I almost sent them away, but indeed the purple is wonderful, bring out color and detail I never realized were there. A new roof is a major undertaking, but the work went so well and quickly, and the crews of workers every day were so polite and even protected my precious azaleas. I don't regret a moment or a single dollar spent!

Barbara Rigney
Columbus, Ohio

I just wanted to drop you a line about the quality of service I received from Durable Restoration during the recent work you did on my home.

Actually, I had learned many positive things about Durable Restoration before I contracted you to do the work on my roof and eaves. What has surprised me, however, is that I now have even more regard for your company than I did before you did the work!

All of your people were very conscientious in making sure that I was happy with the work. They were very honest about recommending only what really needed to be fixed, and they did a quality job on everything they touched. I was particularly impressed with your quality engineering inspection after the work was done. The inspector found one thing that wasn't quite right, and the crew came back the next day from Columbus and fixed it.
I think you guys have got it figured out. Don't change anything and I think you'll be successful for years to come! Thank you all!

Jim Parrish
Dayton, Ohio

We just wanted to let you know that our roof looks great! Durable Restoration did a wonderful job of restoring our original slate roof.

When we moved into our Queen Anne Victorian, we knew it needed a lot of work and we decided the most sensible place to start would be the roof. After doing some local research, we discovered that most companies prefer taking the slate off and replacing it with asphalt shingles. We have nothing against asphalt but felt that removing the slate roof would take away some of the character of the house. Tom saw your ad in Old House Journal as a company that restores slate and contacted you. Within days we had an appointment to get an estimate on the job. The estimate was a little more than what a new asphalt roof would have cost, but in the grand scheme of things it was much less expensive, for instance, slate needs relatively little repair and upkeep if done properly, and will last for at least another 100 years, where asphalt has a life of about 10-20 years.

Once the crew got up on the roof, they discovered more damage from "repairs" than they had originally planned for. The crew dug in and got the whole job done in record time, they arrived early in the morning and left after dark consistently, keeping the area clean of slate debris.

Our roof is beautiful and we've had many positive comments from people in the neighborhood on the job well done by Durable Restoration. Thanks guys!

Tom & Stacy Burkle
Richmond, Indiana

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